• Pastor John Tucker

Preparation for the Lord's Day

Dear church family,

Tomorrow will be the sixth Sunday that we have not been able to meet together. It is so hard not to be able to come together as a church. However, many of the obstacles we face in coming together have nothing to do with COVID-19. They come from our flesh. This morning I want to encourage you to prepare for Lord's Day worship. Study of the passage that is going to be preached, prayer for me, for the church and for your own heart are means of grace to help you to get the most spiritual benefit out of our Lord's Day services, not just now but all the time. Practical steps can also be taken to help you to get the most spiritual benefit. Individual circumstances will vary but something as practical as a good night's sleep or preparing your clothes the night before can help make Sunday more of a blessing to you and your family. What can you do to prepare? 

Yours in Christ's service, John

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